A-SMGCS, Electronic Flight Strip and Integrated Information Systems for Tallinn International Airport
AviBit was selected by the Estonian Air Navigation Services to provide its systems for Tallinn International Airport, Estonia.
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A-SMGCS for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport
AviBit was selected by the German ANSP DFS to provide its systems for Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Germany.
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AviBit Quality Management


The AviBit solutions have been developed over an extended period and are based on experience gained from projects implemented around the world. Through a small step development strategy the well-proven solutions are taken care of, and carefully improved over time.  All products are in compliance with internationally recognized standards. AviBit is ISO 9001:2008 certified and also complies with other standards such as ESARR6 in order to meet customer requirements.

Our employees are dedicated to our Quality Policy which aims to continuously improve our solutions and processes as well as the individual skills and qualifications of our employees. Our success is determined by the capability of our total organization, including the innovations of our development staff and our professional commitment to quality standards in our software development process. Marketing & Sales, Project Management & Development and Supply Chain Management are continuously refined, guaranteeing fast reactions to customer demands and providing reliable solutions. Our work with interdisciplinary teams is a major component for the successful management of all projects and guarantees optimal involvement of our customers with trouble-free cooperation from project start to completion.

AviBit is always interested to receive feedback from its customers, partners and end-users. We consider all feedback to be good feedback as it helps us to constantly improve our procedures, products and level of service. Please use the contact form on our homepage or send an E-Mail to AviBit (

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AviBit is an ISO9001:2008 certified company

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