A-SMGCS, Electronic Flight Strip and Integrated Information Systems for Tallinn International Airport
AviBit was selected by the Estonian Air Navigation Services to provide its systems for Tallinn International Airport, Estonia.
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Integrated Information System for Tirana International Airport
AviBit was selected by the Albanian National Air Traffic Agency to provide its systems for Tirana International Airport, Albania.
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Integrated Information System
for Tower and ATC Operations

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The Challenge
Air Traffic Controllers depend on various types of information to perform their daily job, including meteorological data (e.g. temperature, wind, RVR, QNH, etc.) information from NavAids, ATIS, runway lights, stop bars, etc.

Such information is typically displayed on individual systems and screens that can create a cluttered workspace. Using multiple mice and displays increases controller workload and may also lead to unsafe situations occurring.

The AviBit Solution
INFOMAX – as part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – combines all the information mentioned above on a single display in a consistent HMI that cleans up the CWP by removing unnecessary displays, mice and keyboards.
The HMI is highly configurable; the information presented on the screen can be selected to meet all sitespecific requirements. This includes the determination whether data is shown at all and how the display looks.

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